The HelloFresh Experience

HelloFresh caught my attention years ago when the meal plan delivery thing was just taking off. Back then, I decided the service wasn’t worth my money as I could barely afford my car note let alone spend $60 a week on 3 meals. Skip forward to today and things haven’t changed much. I still don’t like the thought of spending $60 a week on 3 meals when I can feed myself for a week or two for the same amount. So what did change?

Well, I’m expecting my first child this summer and my doctor is concerned with my weight. I was so tired during my first trimester that cooking dinner when I got home was not something I wanted to do. So, I bought food. I tried to buy stuff that was kind of healthy, at least healthier than burgers, french fries, and donuts. I wasn’t always successful. Especially last week when I stuffed myself to the gills with a whole box of donuts (emotional eating + pregnancy cravings = majorly fat ass). I knew I wasn’t doing myself any favors by indulging, but I figured my eating habits will change once the weather warms up like they always do. Normally, I go from eating heavy foods in the winter to light foods in the spring and summer.

Then I had my OB appointment and the doctor said I am dangerously obese. My opinion is not quite that extreme. I’m overweight, definitely; but not dangerously obese, surely. I can still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes for crying out loud. I couldn’t have gained more than 10 pounds during this pregnancy which means I’m right on track for the 25 lbs. max I should gain.

Anyway, after the visit with the doctor, my boyfriend started talking about his concern and since I have a history of miscarriage he just wants to do everything possible to avoid complications. Even though I definitely didn’t want to hear it, I got it. I’m a few weeks into my second trimester which is a good time to get on track as far as exercising goes. I have more energy, I’m staying up later, and my hip pain demands that I do some stretches at least twice a day. According to my doctor, I need to take a 30-minute walk after each meal. Not really practical in my world, but I can at least put in some time with my stationary bike that’s just been sitting in my living room.

That only leaves my new fast food habit. I used to cook on Sundays all my meals for the week. Then, I moved back across the country and stopped. I went from eating mostly homecooked meals to mostly fast food. Not good. Now, I have to get back into the habit of cooking and I need some healthy recipes to introduce to the baby, that way I won’t have too much trouble getting him/her to eat veggies later on.

This is where HelloFresh enters the plan. I read a few reviews and received a discount code and decided to give it a shot. At least for a week. If I like it after a week then I will continue for the month. Hopefully, by my next appointment, I will at least be at the same weight if not a pound or two down. I’m not dieting or trying to do any extreme weight loss. I am just changing the bad habits for the sake of me and my baby’s health.

So, my first HelloFresh delivery will arrive Tuesday, February 6 and I will let you all know what I think after the first week. If you want to try HelloFresh with me then here is a discount code for $40 off your first week: CHANNWALK (click the link to access the code)

Don’t worry, they are not sponsoring this post and I will be giving my honest opinion at the end of the week.

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