Hello all,Books open on a table

Here is the place where you can read all about me and all I have to do is type down my story. The only problem is that I really don’t know what to say about me. I suppose I should just speak from the heart.

I have always been in love with books even when my focus was mainly on toys and just having fun. I remember my first visit to the library. I don’t remember how old I was, but it was definitely before I started school. The entrance was dark and there were people everywhere, a jungle of legs that I had navigate while trying to keep up to my mom. I remember being afraid that I would lose her until she led me to the children’s section. There were kites hanging from the ceilings and puppets lined on the walls… and a rocking chair in the corner. I loved that rocking chair and have an attraction to rocking chairs still. I remember looking at the wall of books and just being mesmerized. I carefully stroked the spines of each book I passed until I found one I wanted to read. I don’t know if I could read yet, but I remember having a wonderful time sitting in that rocking chair going through one back after another.

“I live for the intangible: feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas… dreams. What can you do with dreams besides put them on paper? Maybe if you sell enough dreams you could afford a blanket because dreams won’t keep you warm at night.” – CCW

I never thought I would write because I never thought I was good enough to be published. I still think that sometimes, but my mind is crowded with bits of stories yet to be written down and I see faces with names unknown and tales untold. When I can’t sleep, I write.When I need to step outside my life, I read. Words are my life and I can’t see happiness without them. So call me what you want, I will always be a lover of words.


What’s in a Name?

The title for this blog was hard for me to come up with, that is something I must admit. I wanted a name that could act as an umbrella for everything I may want to write about in the future because I have no idea what I want to do with this blog. I went through quite a few names before choosing. Silly names like: Mangled Quill, Quick Quotes Forever, and  To The Writing Desk And Beyond! And Literary based names like: Belles d’lettres, Round Character, and some other name I didn’t bother to remember.

Going through the process I knew that I wanted the name to reflect my love of books, my desire to write, and the absolute weirdness that is me.

I finally settled on a single thought: Nom de Plume.

That was it. The inspiration I had been searching my brain for. The one phrase that would get my gears turning and produce something far, far away from what I would call genius (but that’s just me). I took my little phrase and ran with it. Right around the corner to Sound.

I wanted to be heard. I wanted this blog to be my voice since I’m a quiet person who hasn’t gotten the hang of speaking in my twenty-five years. I always said that I was better at writing than talking and I wanted to prove that now with nom de plume. It’s French for pen name. It’s also a bit of a cliche. Something I wanted to avoid. So I thought, “What if the pen had a voice?”

From my understanding of Spanish and Japanese, the ‘de’ is possessive. This may or may not be true for French, but I wasn’t going to research the topic because I was on a creative roll. So, I looked up the French translation for voice instead and came up with voix de plume.

I liked that. I liked that a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was correct. I also wasn’t so sure about the pronunciation. That’s the problem with using a language you don’t understand. Your chances of looking stupid skyrocket. So, I decided to go with a language of which I have a decent understanding, Spanish, and there you have it: Voz de la Pluma, pen’s voice.


Channell C. Walker

*Picture provided by Radio Northland




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