Harry Potter Challenge Update

The Harry Potter Challenge Update

It’s the end of week two in the challenge and I have completed the first book of the series. I am at the halfway mark in the second book. I must say I am enjoying the experience.

When I was preparing for the challenge back in June I thought hard about how to go through this without quitting, getting bored, or claiming that I am just too busy. I have read the series several times before, but never in such a short period of time. I know there are people out there who can sit down and read a book a day, but I’m not one of those people. If I push myself and eliminate all other parts of my life then I could probably knock out a book every two days.

When I read I like to take my time and absorb the words, let my mind work its imagination and completely immerse myself in the story. It’s more fun that way. Yes, if can speed read a book in a day, but I won’t remember all the details, the finer points of the language will be lost on me, no humor, no favorite moments, nothing but facts. A means to an end, really. It sucks. I could do it with this series since I have read it before and have listened to the audio books, and I know Harry Potter by heart; but I wanted to have the experience of reading again, almost for the first time.

That is why I chose to start the challenge with the four UK versions I own and that was one of my more brilliant ideas (wink to Dumbledore).  The difference in language and grammar have fascinated me. The design differences between the US and UK versions have not been lost on me either. I am really having fun with this and it IS almost like reading the series for the first time. It has stoked my love of Potter back to the full fan flame it was years ago.

22 Signs You’re A Muggle In Denial http://ow.ly/ze6n9

The above is a link to the Huffington Post article. I have experienced some of these in the past and I still have some lingering signs:

1. I am loyal to my house on Pottermore even though I no longer go on the site.

2. I do care about the Quidditch World Cup more than the actual one.

3. Butterbeer is my drink of choice because that stuff is delicious. If you haven’t been to the Wizarding World, you should go. Now!

4. I do think every weekend should be Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family because what else is there to watch? Really.

5. When I was younger, I did write a letter to Dumbledore (before I found out he was dead) asking about my letter Hogwarts and stating that I would work as hard as Hermione if he would only let me in. Personally, I still think I would have made a superb witch.

6. I did play with the idea of getting an owl as a pet, but who wouldn’t? For the record, I also considered owning a wolf, a tiger, and a dolphin. So there.

7. If I were the tattoo type I would get something Harry Potter related… or “Si tan sólo, si tan sólo…” (if you know where this is from I am hugging you right now).

That’s all the signs for me I think. Let me know in the comments if you have any muggle in denial signs.


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