What’s in a Name?

The title for this blog was hard for me to come up with, that is something I must admit. I wanted a name that could act as an umbrella for everything I may want to write about in the future because I have no idea what I want to do with this blog. I went through quite a few names before choosing. Silly names like Mangled Quill, Quick Quotes Forever, and  To The Writing Desk And Beyond! And Literary based names like Belles d’lettres, Round Character, and some other name I didn’t bother to remember.

Going through the process I knew that I wanted the name to reflect my love of books, my desire to write, and the absolute weirdness that is me.

I finally settled on a single thought: Nom de Plume.

That was it. The inspiration I had been searching my brain for. The one phrase that would get my gears turning and produce something far, far away from what I would call genius (but that’s just me). I took my little phrase and ran with it. Right around the corner to sound.

I wanted to be heard. I wanted this blog to be my voice since I’m a quiet person who hasn’t gotten the hang of speaking in my twenty-five years. I always said that I was better at writing than talking and I wanted to prove that now with nom de plume. It’s French for penname. It’s also a bit of a cliche. Something I wanted to avoid. So I thought, “What if the pen had a voice?”

From my understanding of Spanish and Japanese, the ‘de’ is possessive. This may or may not be true for French, but I wasn’t going to research the topic because I was on a creative roll. So, I looked up the French translation for voice instead and came up with voix de plume.

I liked that. I liked that a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was correct. I also wasn’t so sure about the pronunciation. That’s the problem with using a language you don’t understand. Your chances of looking stupid skyrocket. So, I decided to go with a language of which I have a decent understanding, Spanish, and there you have it: Voz de la Pluma, pen’s voice.

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