Data, a Love Story


Data, a Love Story by Amy Webb

I was watching a Ted Talk one morning featuring Amy Webb. She was talking about how she had hacked online dating. I have had plenty of experience with the online dating scene and was hoping to learn something from her talk. It was more helpful than I thought it would be and before the talk was over I had found and ordered Amy Webb’s book on Amazon. I think I’ve talked about this book more than any other to my friends and family. Webb’s system just makes sense. This isn’t a How to book with step-by-step instructions, although it does provide examples. Mostly, Webb tells stories about her dating life before she finally met her husband. Here’s the summary from the back:

“After yet another disastrous date, Amy Webb was preparing to cancel her JDate membership when epiphany struck: her standards weren’t too high, she just wasn’t approaching the process the right way. Using her gift for data strategy, she found which keywords would attract men, analyzed photos, and then adjusted her profile to make the most of that intel but stay true to herself. Then began the deluge — dozens of men who actually met her own stringent requirements wanted to meet her. Among them: her future husband, now the father of her child. “

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