CADC — Chapter 72: Too Easy

Cupid’s Arrow Dot Com

By Channell C. Walker

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Inuyasha characters. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi. is not a real dating site and any site of the same name is purely coincidence. This is a complete work of fiction and does not include any real persons.


Chapter 72: Too Easy

“Oh, that’s great!” Kagome exclaimed with fake excitement. “Have you gotten any messages yet?” She bit her lip as she waited for what was to come.

“Yeah, actually. I got like 30 in the first hour. I used a crappy pic of me too. How weird is that?” Kikyo piped from the other end of the line. She had the nerve to be surprised? Really?

“Hold on, let me look. What’s your screen name?” Kagome asked. She was trying hard to be supportive.

Kikyo giggled and replied, “Slave4uBaybee. Pretty good, right?”

Kagome rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that’s not provocative at all. If you were a guy I’d totally think you’re a respectable girl.”

“I know, right?” Kikyo squealed.

If ever there was a face-palm moment, this was it.


Word count: 100

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