How to Make it Through NaNoWriMo Without Getting Fat

This month is a writing marathon for me and I’m really feeling the pressure which totally brings out my inner emotional eater. Eating my feelings is the worst. I just keep reaching for things to stuff in my mouth. The last time it happened I gained 10 pounds that I have yet to get rid of. Dreading the addition of another 10 pounds, I came up with a plan to make it through this stressful time without the extra poundage at the end.

1. Diet – No meals past 1pm. This will obviously be broken on Thanksgiving, but I have 29 Days to stick to the plan. I will also have healthy and filling snacks on hand.
– Granola bars
– Fruit
– Nuts
– Cheerios

2. Exercise – I know what you’re thinking “Who has the time to exercise during NaNoWriMo?” Me, that’s who. It’s necessary to do some form of physical activity to keep slim. Plus I can use that time to let my mind wander and get ideas. Exercise is a great tool to beat writer’s block.

3. Sleep – Getting enough sleep is always important, everyday. Studies that I’ve heard about on the news and magazines say that getting 8 hours of sleep promotes a healthy body weight.

4. Dress well – If you look good, you feel good. Wearing cute, comfortable clothes is going to help. Getting dressed is part of my routine for work, which is something I need to focus on. Instead of putting on my lounge around the house clothes which will automatically put me in couch potato mode, not to mention sweatpants will allow my ass to spread without my notice. I do not want to put on my jeans December 1st and not be able to zip them. Nope. No stretchy pants for me this month.

So here it is. My weight right now is 193. We’ll see what progress I make by the end of the month. As always any suggestions are welcome in the comments below.


  1. Drink a lot of water. Not only will it help you not retain (thus adding water weight to the scale), but it will make you feel more full, generally. That will help prevent overeating.


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