Doctor Who-Along Live Tweet Sessions

Doctor Who-AlongTardis with Hash Tag Who Along

I’ve mentioned on my Facebook that I wanted to do a group watch of Doctor Who. I just started the series last summer and I am looking forward to going through this experience with all you other Whovians out there.

Starting this Tuesday, August 5, 2014, I will be hosting live tweet sessions as we all watch the series from the beginning. I will watch 2 episodes a week, one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. This won’t catch me up to the new season, but I’m trying not to binge watch this series.

To make it easy for most of you who want to participate, I will watch the show at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time. There’s less chance of life interfering and give people in other time zones a chance to sit down and watch too.

To join in the conversation, all you have to do is use #WhoAlong or #whoalong in all of your comment tweets. I will be watching the tweets flow in using Twitterfall and adding my own comments.

I hope to see your tweets on Tuesday! Please leave questions and comments below.


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