EOTB — Chapter 5: No School?

Eye of the Beholder

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha

Chapter Five: No School?

Kagome was lying across her bed bobbing her head gently as music drifted from her headphones to her ears. At her feet lay her unopened backpack. Just as her mouth opened to sing her cell phone vibrated at her hip. Reaching to see who was calling she saw on the screen the words “unknown number” and answered her phone.

“Hey sis, I think your pizza is here”, came Souta’s voice through her phone.

“Why are you calling me when you’re right downstairs?” she asked angrily.

“Just come down here and pay for your food.” Then he promptly hung up.

Kagome grabbed the pizza money from atop her dresser and headed to the front door. Upon opening the door she was met with the honey-gold eyes of Inuyasha. Immediately both teens had a look of complete surprise etched onto their features.

“What are you doing here?” they asked in unison. Inuyasha shook himself out of his stupor first.

“I take it that this is your pizza?” confused, Kagome looked down to see that Inuyasha was carrying the pizza she had ordered. He was also dressed in a red jacket with the restaurant logo on the chest and a cap the logo on it also.

“You’re a delivery boy?” she asked while taking the pizza from his hands.

“I needed a job,” he shrugged, “so here I am.”

“But, you’re the son of the richest man in town. Why would you need a job?”

Inuyasha sighed, “You don’t expect me to go running to daddy whenever I need money, do you? I have a job so that I can make my own money.”

Kagome felt her cheeks blush. “That makes sense. Well, stop by when you get off and we can do something.”

“I can’t. Not today at least. I’ve got homework to do. Gotta keep my grades up for the competition.”

Kagome looked a bit disappointed, but understood. “Okay, then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see ya.” He said as he headed back to his car. Then he turned around and he yelled, “Do you have anything that you need to pass on to Sango ‘cause I’m goin’ over to her house next.”

Kagome smiled softly and replied, “No thanks. She’s busy anyway.” Then they both went their separate ways.

Kagome woke the next morning to the smell of breakfast being made down stairs in the kitchen. She rolled out of bed and unsteadily made her way to her bathroom. When she came out she glanced at her new alarm clock and saw that she had five minutes to be out the door. She hurriedly crammed her homework into her back pack and ran down the stairs two at a time, saying goodbye to her family as she passed to go out the door. She was expecting the long walk to school, but was surprised to see a red Porsche waiting at the end of her driveway. The tinted window rolled down and then she was face to face with Inuyasha.

“Get in and quit gawking.” He said as the locks made an audible click and she opened the door and got in.

“So what do I owe this honor?” she asked as they began speeding down the street.

“Well, I couldn’t hang out last night so I decided that the least I could do was give you a ride to school.”

“Yeah, well thanks. So did you at least start working on the challenge?”

“Nah, I was too busy yesterday. We’re gonna work on it during study hall today though. How about you?”

“I did a little brain storming and that’s about it. Sango said we would start on it today too.”

Inuyasha nodded his head as they made their way to school. The rest of the ride was taken up with pleasant conversation both teenagers feeling unreasonably awkward.

Miroku walked down the crowded hallway with ease as he made his way to way to his locker. To his surprise he found Sango leaning on his locker door, looking none too happy. With a bit of confusion and fear he stepped up to her and smiled warmly.

“Why, good morning Sango. I hope that my locker is comfortable.” His voice belied a warmth and friendliness that he didn’t feel at the moment. Inside he felt like pissing his pants with the glare that she sent his way.

“Did you think it was funny to give me that scrapbook, monk?” she spat angrily as she pushed off the locker.

“N-no”, Miroku stammered as she stood inches away from him, “I was being sincere, Sango, I swear.”

Her face relaxed for a minute, but went back to her angry glare when she asked, “If this is some sick joke to humiliate me I will brutally castrate you. Do you understand?”

Miroku gulped audibly. “Perfectly.” He squeaked.

“Good, pick me up at six.” She said as she pushed past him and headed for class. Once she disappeared into the crowd, Miroku pressed his forehead against his locker and breathed a sigh of relief. Just then he received a sudden pat on the back and almost jumped to the ceiling.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” Came Inuyasha’s voice through Miroku’s sudden fear.

“Oh,” he gasped, trying to catch his breath, “Hello Inuyasha. I apologize for my reaction, but I thought you to be someone else.” He turned around to open his locker and began to get ready for his morning classes.

“Who could possibly scare you so bad that you almost shit yourself with one touch?” Inuyasha asked as Miroku froze. With a deep breath Miroku turned to face his best friend.

“Sango paid me a visit this morning.” Inuyasha’s usual scowl melted into a look of surprise. “It was none too pleasant, but on the bright side, I have a date with her tonight at six.” He smiled a little while he waited for his words to register.

“Wait. You mean to say that Sango scared you so bad that you’re acting like one of them damn Mexican jumping beans, but you’re happy about going on a date with that bitch?” He yelled as he tried to make sense of the situation.

“Miroku’s smile suddenly disappeared. “I would appreciate it greatly if you would refrain from calling her such names.”

Inuyasha’s jaw hit the floor at that comment. “You’re actually serious?”

“Yes, I am. I have waited years for the chance to be with the lovely Sango and I will not tolerate such disrespect towards her.” Miroku said as he walked away from his gaping friend.

Inuyasha stood there for a moment before running towards his friend yelling, “Wait! I wanted to ask you about the band practice! I said wait a second you perverted bastard!”

Kagome happily walked to her first class of the day. Well, not happily, more like she was content to just be in the hallway because she certainly didn’t like her first class, algebra. As she turned the corner she heard something. It was faint at first, but was quickly growing. It was the sound of excited fan-girls! Before Kagome could turn around and run a sudden breeze blew by and something latched onto her hand and pulled her along for the ride. She was thrust into a dark empty classroom. Taking a good look around she noticed that she was in the computer lab. She turned towards the door and almost jumped out of her skin at the sight of Sesshomaru.

“Holy hell, Sesshomaru! What the fuck?” she said breathlessly.

“Be quiet or else they’ll hear you.” He whispered harshly and stepped away from the door. He made his way to the computer in the darkest corner of the room and logged on. “If you have somewhere to be I suggest you resign yourself to the fact that you will not be attending.” He spoke softly as he clicked on the internet icon. Kagome gave him a surprised look.

“I have a class right now I can’t skip it.” He seemed unaffected by her words.

“As do I and those girls out searching the hallways, but since the girls will continue to look for me all day I have no choice but to hideout somewhere until the day is over.”

“Why can’t you do what you did the last time?”

“This is what I did yesterday.”

“You mean that this happens everyday?”

“Yes and it will continue until I have found another girlfriend.”

“Then find a girl. How hard can that be for a guy like you?”

“I have yet to find one that is suitable.”

“And what is suitable?”

“Suitable, an adjective. Something that suits a given purpose, occasion, condition, etc.; fitting; appropriate; becoming; according to Webster’s New World dictionary.”

“I know what it means, smartass. What I do want to know is what qualities would make a girl suitable to be your girlfriend?”

Sesshomaru finally turned away from what he was doing on the computer and looked at the girl who had sat down in the seat next to him sometime during their conversation. Eyeing her black oversized hoodie thoughtfully he said, “Allow me to borrow your hooded sweatshirt and I will tell you.”

“How nice of you to ask instead of just taking it like you did last time.” She said smartly as she began to slide the hoodie over her head and handed it over to Sesshomaru. She watched as he slipped out of his white button-up dress shirt and pulled on the hoodie. He left his hip length hair inside the shirt and pulled the hood over his head. Kagome was about to remind him of his part of the bargain when he logged off the computer and stood by the door cautiously peering out the plane of glass that took up a third of the wooden door.

“What are you doing?” She whispered as she walked over to stand beside him.

Instead of answering Sesshomaru took hold of her arm, placed his shirt in her hand and said, “Put it on”. Kagome felt like she was back in elementary school getting ready for art class, wearing her mom’s old blouse as an art smock. So she decided to roll up the sleeves and tie-up the bottom half of the shirt.

“Okay, the hall is clear.” Came Sesshomaru’s whispered words. Then he opened the door and pulled her out along with him. They made a left and headed to the end of the hall, turned a right and went down a flight of stairs and then made a sharp right and headed straight out the double doors. When they made their way to Sesshomaru’s car successfully Kagome finally decided to say something.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Sesshomaru unlocked his door and got in. Kagome opened the passenger door and repeated her question. “I’m leaving. Now get in.” He put the key into the ignition and started the car.

“I’m not getting in. You do realize that you’re skipping school, right?”

“We weren’t going to class anyway so what’s the difference?”

“We were at least in the building!” Sesshomaru sighed and then Kagome was suddenly in the passenger seat before she could blink. Sesshomaru peeled out of the school parking lot and headed for the freeway. “This is kidnapping.” Kagome said as she stuffed her bag on the floor in front of her and crossed her arms.

“Thank you for your lovely observation.” He said without looking at her childish display.

“Where are we going anyway?”

“You’ll see when we get there.”

Kagome began to play with one of her faux dreads as silence fell between the two. After a few minutes she asked, “So, how did I end up in this situation again?”

“You ended up in this situation just by being associated with me. You are truly blessed.”

“I’m blessed because I’m ‘associated’ with you? That’s rich.”

“There are at least a hundred girls that would give anything to be where you are.”

By that, you mean sitting in your car going god knows where?”


“You are so arrogant.”

“I know, right?”

“Argh!” Kagome threw her hands up in frustration and sat quietly rest of the ride.

“You are fucking kidding me.” Kagome said while Sesshomaru guided his car into a parking space. “You brought me to the mall?”

“Do you have somewhere else to be?” he asked as he got out of the car. Seeing this Kagome hurried to also exit the vehicle.

“It’s called school. You know, that brick building that we just left?” she swung her book-bag over her shoulder and followed him into the mall.

“Would you have rather sat in that computer lab all day and wait for those girls to find us?”

“I would rather have been in class and continue to fail miserably at math!” she yelled while making exaggerated hand gestures behind his back. There was hardly anybody in the mall this early so she didn’t feel the need to keep her voice down. Sesshomaru turned into an electronics store and began browsing.

“Can’t you just live a little?” he asked while picking up a model cell phone and examining it.

“I have a life and I’d like to keep living which, by the way, if my mom hears about this little outing she’ll kill me.”

Suddenly Sesshomaru spun around to face her as he said, “Look, I brought you out here to have fun. Now either you liven up or shut up.” Kagome was about to retort, but thought better of it and decided to pout instead. Feeling satisfied with her decision Sesshomaru continued to look around the store.


Sango sat in study hall next to Kohaku. This was one of the two classes they shared, not including lunch. Not too far away she saw Inuyasha and Miroku huddled at a table in deep conversation. She let loose a sigh and closed her math book.

“What’s wrong, Sango?” Kohaku whispered next to her.

She sighed again before answering, “I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. Miroku and I have become so different since freshman year or at least I’ve changed. I feel as though I don’t know him anymore.”

“Maybe it’s better that way.”

“How can it be good to not know someone that was once a close friend?”

“You have the chance to become reacquainted with each other. Maybe he can bring things out of you that you forgot you had. Maybe you can help him see things that he was blind to before. If you give it a chance, Sango, then you may have the makings of a wonderful relationship.”

“Since when did you become so wise?” she said as she reached out and hugged him to her side.


“Do you think that I have a chance of getting laid on the first date?” Miroku whispered to Inuyasha so as not to be overheard.

“This is Sango Tomioka we’re talking about. There is not a chance in hell.”

“How far do you think I’ll get?”

“I’ll be surprised if you can touch her at all. Why are you sex scheming already anyway?”

“Did you honestly believe that I would do anything else?”

“Sesshomaru, what the hell are we going to do all day?” Kagome whined as she followed Sesshomaru to another store. She paid no attention to where they were and only took notice when he tossed an article of clothing on her head. “What the hell?”

“Try it on.” He said and promptly took a seat in front of an empty fitting room door. Kagome carefully pulled the item off of her head and took a look at it. A good look.

“No way. There’s no way in hell you’re getting me to try on a bikini!”

He gave her a cool look as he said, “Why? Are you hiding something underneath your sweatshirts and baggy pants?”

“No! It’s just against all my beliefs to wear something so revealing.”

“Somehow,” Sesshomaru rose from his seat gracefully and walked over to her, “I highly doubt that that’s the case.”

“Fine then, don’t believe me, but I’m not wearing-” Kagome had suddenly found herself in the fitting room. She tried the door only to find that it wouldn’t open. “This is not funny, Sesshomaru! LET ME OUT!!”

“Try it on.” Kagome looked at the orange bikini and sighed. ‘What harm would it do?’

Sesshomaru stood outside the door listening intently for a violent reaction. Hearing nothing he sat back down and waited. After a few minutes the door opened hesitantly. Kagome’s lilac eyes peeked through the crack and upon seeing him waiting she quickly ducked back in.

“Kagome.” His voice carried a sense of authority and a hint of impatience. He heard her sigh within the room and then the door opened once again. Kagome watched Sesshomaru’s face intently as she stepped out of the fitting room. She noticed that his eyes widened minutely and his jaw went slack though not gapingly so. Did she really look that bad?

She was more beautiful than she gave herself credit. It was a wonder that she would want to hide all that underneath baggy clothes and funky hairstyles. Although the dreads don’t look half bad when she’s wearing practically nothing.

“You can say something at anytime, you know?” her words cut through his thoughts.

“It is suitable. Go change so that we can go.”

When Kagome came back out dressed in Sesshomaru’s dress shirt, white tee and baggy pants she walked over to where Sesshomaru was standing in line at the cash register. When the cashier saw her swimsuit she immediately suggested that she get the matching flip-flops with the flower decoration. Kagome cringed as Sesshomaru nodded in agreement. Within minutes they were back in the parking lot, shopping bag in hand. “Where to now?” Kagome asked as she added the shopping bag to the book-bag at her feet.

“You’ll see when we get there.”

End Chapter

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