EOTB — Chapter 3: Making the Band

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“Dirty Diana” – Michael Jackson

“Where You Are” – Donell Jones

“So Simple” – Alicia keys

Chapter three: Making the Band

“Hey Miroku did you choose those members we needed?” Inuyasha’s gruff voice called out to short-haired teen.

“Yeah I got ‘em right here.” He held up a piece of notebook paper. Inuyasha snatched it out of his hand and noticed the perverted doodle in the margin. Taking a good look at the names on the list, he snorted. “Freshmen! Is that the best you can do, Monk!”

“They were quite talented. I must say you should be happy that I didn’t choose untalented, but extremely beautiful women.”

“Well, I guess they’ll do.” He said as he tossed the paper on the table and sat down.

“I’ve invited them to have lunch at our table today if that is alright with you?” Miroku looked over at his silver-haired friend.

“Why wouldn’t I be fine with it. They’ll be eating with us for the rest of the year anyway.” Inuyasha began to draw a chibi Sesshomaru getting hit by a truck on the piece of paper he just tossed away.

“If Sesshomaru saw you doing that he’d probably kill you.”

“Yeah, but he won’t see it, now will he?” Inuyasha glared at the smirking boy next to him. Miroku held up his hands in innocence.

“Of course he won’t. I wouldn’t try to show him, he’d definitely kill the messenger!”

“I thought so.” Inuyasha grumbled and went back to his picture. Suddenly he blurted out, “Man, I HATE study hall! When is this period over!”

“Well, the whole point of study hall is to study, Inuyasha.” Miroku stated with his nose in a math book.

“I don’t wanna do that shit and you know it. Those teachers are fuckin’ nuts if they think I’m gonna waste my time on some bullshit they ripped outta their ass just for the hell of it!”

“I never knew you felt so passionate about the subject, Inuyasha.” Miroku stated, uninterested as he began solving equations.

“Damn right I’m passionate about it! Those damn teachers just like to torture kids. It’s like a drug for them. If a kid’s too smart for their class then they develop harder classes and pile on more work. All those bastards need to get laid if you ask me.”

Miroku paused in his writing to look at the seemingly proud Inuyasha. “I don’t believe anyone did ask you.”

This statement only caused the puffed-up teen to immediately swell with anger. Without being seen Inuyasha had somehow knocked Miroku upside the head and left him with his head in his precious textbook. Mumbling, Inuyasha said, “Damn pervert telling me shit I don’t need to hear. That fucking shit-hole is lucky I didn’t cram that book down his fucking throat.” He froze in the middle of the hallway when a faint sound reached his ears. Listening carefully he waited for the sound to come again. After a few seconds his ears twitched and the sound followed immediately. It was giggling. Someone was watching him and giggling. He began to look around for the source of the noise. What he found was a rather chubby girl with oily pigtails, a pimply face, and thick glasses. His first instinct was to run and never look back, but why should he run? So instead he asked, “What the hell you laughing at?” Okay so that wasn’t exactly as nice as he had hoped, but it’s too late now. The girl snorted then shyly looked up at him. As soon as she saw his face she blushed and began giggling again. Inuyasha decided to go for a different approach. “Hey Chubs, what’s your name?” the girl froze at the name and glared at him.

“What did you just call me?” Her voice grated between her clenched teeth as she seethed.

Inuyasha looked unaffected as he answered her question. “I called you Chubs; do you prefer pig, tubby, fatty, pizza face, mud bather, bacon girl? I got a lot of these.” He never even saw the book bag aimed at his face until it hit him across his head. He ended up sprawled out on the floor sputtering from shock. The girl stood over his sprawled form. Her thick glasses magnified the fire in her eyes.

“The name is Eleanor, you jerk! And to think that I actually liked you! You’re nothing, but a self-centered, rude, playboy!” With that she stomped down the hallway.

Outside in a quiet corner of the courtyard sat Sesshomaru, studying for his chemistry test. In this spot he was hidden away from the drooling girls and inane chatter of high school ninnies. Shifting in his spot his ears caught the sound of disturbed gravel. Soon after he realized that someone was coming to disturb his peace and quiet. He looked up as he watched the figure emerge from the foliage. Mismatched shoes carried their master around the corner into the line of sight of Sesshomaru. A small gasp escaped the girl standing before him. It was the girl from yesterday. That girl he had used to get away from those crazy wenches. As he continued to stare coolly at the girl. He noticed how her yellow backpack stood out from her odd red and black outfit.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Was all she said before she turned to leave.

“You may as well stay since you’ve already disturbed me.” His voice remained calm and even. He went back to reading his chemistry notes as she walked over and sat down directly across from him.

“I find it odd that they would have a picnic table hidden away like this.” The girl spoke quietly as she began to take out her own notes.

“I had this set-up for the privacy.” The girl just glanced up at him and went back to her notes. After a few minutes of silent studying Sesshomaru became restless although he didn’t show it. “What’s your name, girl?” He asked suddenly. The lilac-eyed girl, who was so engrossed in her work, looked shocked at his sudden question.

“My name is Kagome. Kagome Higurashi and you?”

He was reluctant to answer, but decided to do what was fair. “Sesshomaru Nishizawa.” He expected a reaction like the ones he received from other people that he met on the street; a surprised widening of the eyes and with girls a squeal and a request for marriage, dates, or sex. This girl didn’t even seem to be affected by the weight that his name carried. She just mumbled a ‘nice to meet you’ and went back to her work. For some reason Sesshomaru wasn’t satisfied with this, he actually wanted to have a conversation with this girl. “What is it that you are working on?”

She stopped writing to answer his question, “Algebra, but I can’t seem to understand it.” Sesshomaru reached over and brought her book towards him. Polynomial synthetic division, if not explained properly it could be a very confusing problem to solve. He grabbed her notes and noticed that her teacher obviously didn’t explain things right. Her notes were all over the place as if the pieces of the puzzle were revealed out of order. Sesshomaru tore out that page out of her notebook and began to write on a clean sheet of paper. After a few minutes he slid the book and spiral back to Kagome. To her surprise a list of thorough instructions, numbered and neatly written covered the paper. It was complete with diagrams!

“Thank you.” It was a soft whisper filled with her surprise that had yet to go away. For the next few minutes Sesshomaru explained everything he had written and carefully walked Kagome through the problems. Once the study hall period was over Kagome was confident that she would ace the math test today. She and Sesshomaru parted ways as they both headed for their next class.

Kagome sat in her history class half-listening to her teacher as he began his lecture. Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Inuyasha Nishizawa. “Well Mr. Nishizawa, I see that you are late again.” Inuyasha flipped off the teacher and made his way to the empty seat next to Kagome. She noticed that he had a healing bruise on his cheek. He sat down grumbling about fat girls. The teacher wasn’t quite done yet.

“Mr. Nishizawa, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“No, but maybe my father might have a few words to say.” Everyone knew that those words were a threat, but no one really cared. The teacher didn’t seem to be affected by the threat either.

“Your father has no authority here.” The grin on his face seemed evil as he leered at Inuyasha. This only made a pleased smirk appear on Inuyasha’s chiseled jaw.

“Who do you think built this school and signs your checks? My father owns this town and I’m sure you can overlook my tardiness for the chance to eat next week.” The teacher seemed to consider Inuyasha’s words for a moment. Supposedly he thought it was best to overlook the tardy teen because he began to lecture again.

“What happened to your face?” Kagome whispered to the boy next to her. He gave her a quick glare and then turned back to the lecture. Realization slowly lit his eyes as he looked at her again.

“You’re that girl from the parking lot yesterday?” At her nod he said, “You never told me your name.”

“You never asked. It was more like a rushed event, don’t you think?”

“Uh…well, what’s your name?”

“It’s Kagome Higurashi, and you never said yours either.”

“I’m Inuyasha, Inuyasha Nishizawa. By the way you’re a hell of a kisser.” He gifted her with a lopsided grin and a slight blush. Kagome blushed prettily, but didn’t say anything back. She couldn’t bring herself to lie to the boy nor could she tell him the truth. Telling him that his brother kisses better than him just didn’t seem right. The two teenagers held a quiet conversation throughout the whole class. Kagome realized that the rude hanyou was really quite nice. His cute dog-ears would twitch and turn when he was especially happy or excited and his face would become so expressive when he relaxed. They talked about nothing and everything all at once. He even told her what happened to his face, though he was highly embarrassed about the situation.

After class they headed to lunch together. Kagome caught sight of Sesshomaru and gave him a slight smile as they all headed towards their respective tables. As Kagome sat down the P.A system crackled to life.

// All bands need to have their members chosen by tomorrow morning in order to meet the stage master that afternoon. //

Kagome gave Sango a questioning gaze and received a look that clearly told her that she would be here after school. Kagome just sat and groaned.

Kagome made her way back to the gym after school. Today they would be auditioning the better people who auditioned yesterday. They had to choose band mates today or else they were out of luck for the competition. Some of the rejects from yesterday were forming their own bands and auditioning for last minute places in the competition today as well. If you don’t sign up on the first day then the band has to audition for a place because the school doesn’t want to waste time and money on drowning cats and trash cans in a tornado. So far a boy band dubbed ‘The Speed Demons’ have been placed in the competition. Kagome walked passed a group of girls who were practicing for their audition for groups. They actually seemed like they could sing.

Kagome shook her head at the girls and walked over to Sango and Kohaku and received the shock of a lifetime. The shy freshman had his hair down where it rested on his shoulders. He had on baggy blue jeans, Vans sneakers, a loose fitting white tee and baby blue wristbands. Kagome was about to sit down next to him and begin to wait for the second round of auditions. When Sango’s voice floated over to her from the end of the table.

“You look like a jester.” Kagome’s jaw dropped at the rude statement then she looked down at herself to see that her tank top, tie, and pants were half red on one side and black on the other. She wore one red and one black converse high-tops with matching wristbands. Her make-up and hair even went with today’s theme. “Well, sit your ass down and quit looking so surprised.” Sango’s angry voice broke into Kagome’s confused thoughts again.

“Well, nice to see you too, Sergeant Bitchy.” Kagome said as she finally sat beside Kohaku. “Hello Kohaku, you look nice today.” She was rewarded with a light blush on his freckled cheeks and a mumbled ‘thank you’.

“We’ve got five people who made it to round two. All of them can play guitar. Three of them prefer the bass, four can sing and the other sounds like a cat being bashed in the head with a crowbar.” Sango spoke angrily with a teen magazine open on the table and currently distorting the face of Orlando Bloom with a glue stick and animal parts from the hunting magazine she had yesterday. Kaede stood and approached the table.

“It is time to begin the auditions.” As soon as she made her way to her seat a small girl with dark brown hair, pulled into low pigtails, and a powder blue baby tee and low-rise jeans, made her way to the table, holding a purple guitar.

“State your name.” Sango did not sound any happier and was still gluing animal parts to Orlando Bloom; she never even glanced up.

“Akari Koto.” A sweet voice rang through the quiet gym. Kohaku wrote down her name on a piece of paper.

“You may begin.” His voice was soft and it was the most he’s said since Kagome had met him. The girl played the guitar beautifully. After a few moments she began to sing.

What it is ain’t what it was. What should it be when it comes to you. And how it seems ain’t how it is. There’s been a change when it comes to me. And oh baby you, oh baby me, oh maybe we can try another day, another way. All in my mind I’m wonderin’ why we can not find what was left at the beginning. If I could need you again, kiss you again, miss you again. It would be, it would be so simple.”

Kagome’s jaw dropped. The girl could SING! Without all the other voices from yesterday you could really hear the person’s voice. Kagome looked over to Kohaku who was jotting notes down. From what she could see, Kohaku liked this girl too. Sango was no longer turning Orlando Bloom into an abomination, but still hadn’t looked at the girl. Kagome took that as a good sign. After Akari finished her audition and left, a boy with hair down to his shoulders and wearing all navy blue walked in with his bass in hand. Kagome and Kohaku looked over to Sango so she could start the audition, but she was too busy giving Jessica Simpson a “makeover”. So Kagome cleared her throat and spoke clearly, “State your name.”

The boy bowed and said, “My name is Masurao Koi.” Kohaku once again wrote down his name on a piece of notebook paper and stated, “You may begin.” His bass was okay, but when he began to sing…

I’m saying I’m sorry for leaving you, but I wanted to start my life brand new. I was going through changes and could not see that with you is where I wanna be. Nothing compares to you and I hurt from the pain that I put you through. Baby I need you desperately ‘cause I gotta be where you are. Where you are it don’t matter how far. Every second of the day I wanna be where you are.” His voice was so smooth; it just made you want to melt. Kagome once again looked over at Sango. SHE WAS LOOKING UP! She actually looked up! She had this dreamy look in her eyes too. Damn he’s good!

Two others auditioned after him, but weren’t as good as Akari and Masurao. The last person to audition walked into the room. He was cute and preppy. Sango didn’t seem too happy about that and went back to defacing magazine pictures. Kagome and Kohaku started and he played bass rather nicely. He also decided to sing more out of nerves than anything else.

She likes the boys in the band. She knows when they come to town. Every musician’s fan after the curtain comes down. She waits at backstage doors for those who have prestige. Who promise fortune and fame. A life that’s so carefree. She’s saying that’s okay. Hey baby do what you want. I’ll be your night loving thing. I’ll be the freak you can taunt. And I don’t care what you say. I want to go too far. I’ll be your everything if you make me a star! Dirty Diana, nah! Dirty Diana, nah! Dirty Diana, no!” He played wonderfully and he could sing. He looked like he could be in the same grade as Kagome, but no one knew for sure. Kohaku didn’t seem too impressed with this Hojo person and Sango seemed as if the only way Hojo would even be considered was if he exploded and lived. Once Hojo was done with his audition he left the gym to wait with the others.

“I hated him yesterday and I still do.”

“Sango, can’t you be a little open-minded?” Kagome asked.

“No.” Kagome sighed in exasperation and turned to Kohaku.

“So who do you think should be in the band?”

End Chapter

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