CADC — Chapter 36: Sailor

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Inuyasha characters. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi. is not a real dating site and any site of the same name is purely coincidence. This is a complete work of fiction and does not include any real persons.


Chapter Thirty-six: Sailor

All around them were people drinking wine and live music played from every corner. People were partying like it was 1999 B.C. and she was loving every bit of it.

Shippo leaned close to whisper in her ear, “You know that greeting you gave was from the wrong time period.”

Kagame smirked. “Oh, I don’t know. With that getup and your exotic features it would have been practically impossible for you to be nobility. You’re best option would be a merchant as I wouldn’t think you’d go for a peasant or slave. Wouldn’t you agree?” Her eyes danced with mischief.


Word count: 100

Chapter 35

Chapter 37


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