EOTB — Chapter 2: New Friends and the Band Battle?

Eye of the Beholder

Chapter two:New Friends and the Band Battle?

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The voices of socializing students reached Kagome’s ears as she walked cautiously through the cafeteria. It seemed that the students were very organized. There’s a table for the geeks, one for the dance club, cheerleaders that weren’t popular, the popular kids, skaters, scrubs, Goths, theater club, anime club, about twenty other groups. Finally she saw an empty seat and by this time she didn’t care what group sat there. She just sat down and began eating.

“Excuse me, but who said you could sit there?”

Kagome’s head shot up and she looked towards the end of the table where two people sat. One was a girl with deep violet eyes and wild red eye shadow who wore her hair in a high ponytail and was draped in a long leather coat. Across from her sat a younger looking boy, probably a freshman, who also had his hair tied up in a high ponytail. His brown eyes stared blankly at her and his face was sprinkled with freckles. He wore a sky blue dress shirt and khaki pants.

“Well, no one told me to sit here. I just did.” Kagome replied after swallowing her mouthful of food.

“Well you can just go sit somewhere else because this is our table.”

“No way! There aren’t any more seats anywhere else so deal with it!”

The strange girl just looked at the boy across from her and they both nodded. “Fine, if you want to sit here then you need a skill. I play drums like nobody’s business and he can play a mean keyboard. What can you do?”

“Well uh… I can um… I can.. I can sing! Oh and I can play piano!” The scary girl gave her a skeptical look and began tapping her red lacquered nails.

“Sing something then.”

“I CAN’T JUST SING OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD!” Of course Kagome knew she was lying, but not many people knew she had this gift.

Obviously the other girl didn’t care because she threatened, “Well then find a new seat.”

“Fine, fine I’ll sing.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “Don’t even think about callin’ me crazy. You know you peeped that lady. And when I turned and looked at you, you tried to play it off, but I can tell that you two weren’t friends. She was just too nervous. She was lookin’ like she was hurt, like a memory had surfaced. It kindda got her pissed. I’m kindda wonderin’ myself and you’re really no help. Tell me how you two know each other so well. ‘Cause I wanna know now. You better start talkin’.”

“Alright that’s enough.”

Kagome let out a sigh and relaxed a bit. She’d forgotten how nice it was to sing. “So can I stay?” Her voice was a little more hopeful than she wanted it to be, but oh well.

“Not only can you stay, but you can also be in our band. I’m Sango and this is my little brother Kohaku.”

“Hold up and rewind. Band? What band?”

“I use to be in a band that ruled this school, but unfortunately the two Nishizawa brothers got in a huge fight and broke up the band. So now I can compete in the year long band war that’s starting next week.” Sango told her as she began to throw straightened-out paper clips at the cork-covered bulletin board.

“Why am I in the band though?”

“In all honesty, we really don’t need you. Both my brother and myself can sing, but I guess a lead singer would lessen the burden for one of us. Most likely me since the boy doesn’t speak 23 hours of the day. And you’re the only one brave enough to sit here with us. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly a people person.”

“Oh I noticed, believe me. By the way I’m Kagome.”

“Nice to meet you Kagome. Don’t mind Kohaku, like I said he doesn’t talk much. That’s why he’s still attached to my hip.”

Kagome shook Sango’s offered hand and smiled softly at Kohaku, who blushed faintly in reply. Just then the P.A system crackled //The band tryouts will begin tomorrow after school. All band member wannabe’s who plan to be in this year’s competition need to sign-up for the available bands. And this year’s bands are: Perverted Dogs// A table in the back of the cafeteria erupted in cheers. // Gods of Tokyo// Several tables and couple of classrooms exploded in all out screams. // And Tank. Be sure to sign up during your lunch periods or after school today in the guidance office.//

Kagome looked at Sango with a quizzical expression. “Why didn’t anyone scream or yell for the last one?”

“Because there’s only three people sitting at the band’s table and it’s unknown.”

“Three? You mean that’s our band?”

“Exactly”, was Sango’s simple reply.

“So who’s in the other bands?”

“Perverted Dogs belongs to Inuyasha Nishizawa, and Gods of Tokyo would be Sesshomaru Nishizawa’s band.”

Kagome gasped at this. “The Nishizawa brothers!”

“Yeah, the Nishizawa brothers. That’s all people ever talk about. Now that they have some positions open, I doubt anyone will try out for our band.” Sango stated bitterly as she glared at her target on the bulletin board.

“So, what do you know about them?”

“Well, Inuyasha is best friends with Miroku Seijin, who plays guitar in the band. Those two came up with the name for the band. I’d say it was a compromise of Miroku’s doing. Inuyasha’s the average ‘C’ student, hotheaded, immature, and is very argumentative. He plays the keyboard in the band and does a lot of the singing, though they usually have a lead position. Perverted Dogs has a hip-hop meets rock feel to it, but more rock than anything else.”

Kagome finished her lunch and tossed her napkin at the prep table. A soft chuckle pulled her attention back to Sango.

“Well, what about Sesshomaru?”

“First of all I wasn’t quite finished with Perverted Dogs. And second, you really need to work on your aim ’cause that napkin didn’t hit anyone.”

“I wasn’t trying to hit anyone.”

“Then don’t throw anything. We only throw when we want to hit something or someone otherwise it’s a wasted shot and, in your case, opportunity.” Sango laughed again at Kagome’s shocked expression.

“Other than what I just told you all I know about Perverted Dogs, that’s recent, is that they need a drummer and a lead because the former are graduated seniors.” She took a bite out of an apple as she collected her thoughts. “Now Gods of Tokyo is another story. They need guitar, keyboard, and they may add back-up singers. They usually have a definite Hip-Hop and R&B feel to them, but they sometimes like to switch it up and do pop or maybe even rock. Sesshomaru is the lead and is practically untouchable. He’s only had two girlfriends and none of them really seemed to be anything but a fan-girl shield. No girl here would even try to touch him while he’s taken. They know that whoever has Sesshomaru will kill before they let anyone even bump into him by accident.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, yeah. What? Did you think Sesshomaru was the social type?”

“I don’t even know who you’re talking about.”

Sango looked at her skeptically and asked, “You’ve never seen Sesshomaru Nishizawa?”

“I just came to this school. How can I recognize someone I don’t know?”

“You’ve seen him before, you just don’t know it. He dresses like a prep with a touch of skater, long silver hair, golden eyes, and a stoic expression.”

A memory of pillow soft lips working their way down her neck as a gray hoodie shadowed his angelic features and glowing golden eyes that not even the darkest shadow could hide, flashed behind lilac eyes.

“Then Inuyasha would be a silver-haired, leather wearing, Porsche driving, double parking asshole.”

“Ooh, sounds like you met him then.”

“I was never properly introduced to him or his brother.”


The sound of voices filled the hallway as Principle Totosai fought his way through the crowd. It seemed like every year his respect points got lower and lower. No one even spared him a glance! It was like he was a gum wad on the floor. No! Worse than that he was a piece of paper on the floor! Gum wad was last year. When he finally made it to the Gym, where the auditions would be held, he spotted Kaede sitting comfortably in a corner with her first aid kit ready and a group of helpers ready for anything. These auditions could get pretty ugly with all the rejections that were bound to come. He made his way over to the aging woman and plopped down in a nearby chair.

“Kaede, it’s a miracle you made it through the crowd without a scratch!”

“I got here early, Totosai. I just wish that I could say the same for you.”

”Oh you mean this?” He said, pointing to the gash on his forehead from when he was pushed down the stairs.

“It’s just a scratch.”

Kaede rolled her eyes at this. “It’s a scratch that can become fatal if you don’t let me tend to it.” Reaching into her first-aid kit she pulled out all the necessities.

“Fine, work your healing magic.”


“I am SO gonna get the part!” Kagura squealed excitedly to her best friend Kikyo.

“Kagura, every year you audition and every year you get the same answer.” Kikyo said in a bored tone as she filed her fingernails.

“I know that I was rejected in the past, but I’ve been practicing and taking lessons. I know that this will be my year!” Kagura was precariously leaning forward as she spoke excitedly.

“It doesn’t matter how much you practice; Sesshomaru will always see you as a whore. There’s no point in auditioning when he’s already made up his mind.”

“Kikyo, don’t be such a bitch! Sesshomaru is my key to freedom. With him I’ll become a star and get lots of money and then I could buy anything I want! FINANCIAL FREEDOM!”

Kikyo had finally put down her nail filer and faced Kagura with a determined and confident expression. “I’m just saying that we should compete against them instead of always being rejected. With our talent we could win the competition.”

“I have to try out for Sesshomaru’s group first!”

Kikyo just rolled her eyes at the hopeless woman and went back to her filing.

“KAGOME THE AUDITIONS STARTIN FIVE MINUTES SO PUT YOUR ASS IN A SEAT NOW!” Sango’s bellow reached every corner of the large gymnasium. Soon Kagome’s figure appeared out of the mass of people. Today her hair was slicked back, she had the same smoky eye shadow as yesterday with large silver hoop earrings with the word ‘KILLER’ going through the middle. She wore a tight black muscle shirt, black-leather finger gloves, and blue-jean mini skirt with a chain belt that was wrapped around her hips three times. Black-leather knee high boots completed this outfit. Kagome glanced at Sango as she took a seat next to Kohaku. Sango had her usual leather jacket and clunky army boots, but she also had on a red tube top and black-leather mini skirt. Kohaku had on his usual baby blue and khaki. ‘Does he change at all?’ Kagome found herself thinking as she began to look around the room. Sango had a list of the people auditioning for their band and a small stack of papers next to her.

“What are the papers for?” Kagome asked as she eyed the multicolored stack. Sango’s voice carried an obvious current of animosity as she replied briskly, “Yellow are acceptance papers which I need you to sign this one.” She handed Kagome a piece of paper and a pen. “Pink are rejection papers and the white are restraining orders.”

“And what are the blue and green papers for?”

“The blue are medical forms, just in case, and the green are for later use once we’ve chosen our band mates.” Sango was currently flipping through a hunting magazine angrily and refused to look at anyone. An elderly woman stood up suddenly and picked up a bullhorn.

// Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the auditions to take place so if I could have all participating band members up front and all hopefuls to exit the gym and take a seat in the lecture hall until called. Thank you. //

For the next three hours rejection, acceptance, and medical forms were filled and delivered. Tomorrow the second round would begin.

End Chapter

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