EOTB — Chapter 1: Another Day and Another Hot Guy

Disclaimer/ Author’s notes: None of the characters from the anime are mine. Please enjoy this story!

The Beta-reader for this chapter was my friend, Krissy.

Eye of the Beholder

Chapter One: Another Day and Another Hot Guy

Spray painted LockersThe loud buzzing of an alarm clock awakened the large mass wrapped within

burgundy blankets. A slender hand decorated with large silver rings with red-eyed skulls and black fingernails reached blindly out from beneath the dark red layers. Long fingers wrapped around the red metal clock and hurled it across the room. Gears and springs decorated the light hardwood floor as red paint marred the cream colored wall. A low, drowsy groan emanated from the bed as the pissed off creature began to move. Small feet with black painted toenails stepped lightly across the floor and into the baby blue and cream bathroom. Steam billowed from beneath the door and the sounds of running water could be heard.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen a lovely breakfast was cooking. It consisted of buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and a tall glass of orange juice. Friendly conversation is what greeted the ears of the angry teenager as she came out of her three month hibernation. Today she sported fake dread-locks and black, smoky eye shadow with black lipstick. Safety pins decorated her ears and key chains with tiny hands sticking up their middle fingers hung from the pins. She wore a dark gray over-sized hoodie with the words “piss off!” on the back. She also wore gray sweat-pants that were cut to look like capris and rainbow toe socks. White K-Swiss high tops completed the look.

“Ready to make new friends at your new school, Kagome?” She slouched in her chair and answered, “No.”

Her mother looked up from her food and asked, “Well don’t you want friends?”

Trying to avoid another “everyone needs friends, dear” talk Kagome quickly finished off the last of her breakfast and repeated her last answer.

“Well, why don’t you want friends? I’m sure the kids here are nice.” Kagome just shrugged her shoulders and began to walk out the door.

“Since I’m a junior I’m sure there are sophomores and freshmen whose lives need screwing up and seniors to avoid.” With that she let the front door close behind her.


“I hear we got some new neighbors around the corner.” Mrs. Nishizawa announced at the breakfast table.

“Have you heard anything about a girl our age living there?” Inuyasha asked while stuffing his face with Fruity Pebbles. Cereal flew out his mouth and landed in the long silver mane of Sesshomaru. A fifteen year old Rin giggled as she watched her eldest brother pick the mushy wads out of his hair and go back to drinking his tea, only to find the rainbow cereal floating inside his mug. He rose from his chair with a look of disgust plastered on his features and began to walk away.

“Oh, wait a moment, Sesshomaru.” He paused in his step and awaited his mother’s request. “Could you drive over to the new neighbor’s house and see if the girl needs a ride?” Sesshomaru thought before he answered, ‘Girl? What girl? She must have said something about the new people while I was cleaning Inu-baka’s breakfast from my hair.’ “Of course mother.” he said in his cool fashion and finally walked away.

Kagome had just made it down her driveway when a black Mercedes convertible pulled up. The top was up and the windows were tinted so she couldn’t see who was inside. She watched, confused, as the passenger window went down and a silver-haired teen leaned over.

“Do you need a ride?” She glanced back at her house and saw her mother heading towards the door. She shrugged and got in. Inside the car they each got a good look at the other and both decided that they didn’t like what they saw.

Sesshomaru pulled his car around the back of the school so no one would see his unappealing passenger. He let the girl out and drove back to the front of the building to be greeted by his many admirers. As he exited his vehicle a girl, wearing a skirt so short it could be considered a napkin, ran awkwardly in her platform heels and kissed him desperately. Her name was Yura, currently a senior at Nobunaga high school and on the cheerleading squad. She was the most popular girl in school because she was Sesshomaru’s current girlfriend.

A red Porsche parked recklessly in the back of the building. A silver head popped out of the tinted window; saw he was only in one space, backed out and parked in the middle of two. Satisfied with his asshole move the silver-haired driver exited his expensive vehicle. He was wearing a tight black beater that showed off his muscles. He also wore baggy black leather pants with chains on the side and heavy black boots. The black sunglasses he wore hid his eyes.

Kagome stood by the door and watched all this with indifference. Her yellow backpack lay at her feet as she leaned against the brick wall. She heard screaming not far away and spotted a group of girls running in her direction. Inuyasha also heard the screams and cursed softly. He reached inside his car and retrieved a skullcap. Once that was on he grabbed a black ponytail, which he borrowed from his mom’s collection, and pinned that on. He looked back and noticed that the girls were still some distance away. He hurriedly looked around and saw Kagome casually leaning on a wall. A look of panic and desperation crossed his face as he glanced repeatedly between the crazy girls closing in and Kagome.

His decision made, he raced over to Kagome. Surprise was the only emotion visible on her face as he pinned her to the wall and kissed her passionately. Noticing that she did not respond, he broke the kiss and looked over his shoulder. The girls were really getting close; he cursed again. Facing the startled girl once more, he manipulated her limp limbs to suit the impression he needed to make. He moved her hands to loop around his neck and her left leg he held up by the thigh. He kissed her again and almost smiled when she responded. He deepened the kiss as he heard the girls right behind him. He moved to her neck and was glad to hear a moan escape her lips as he sucked on a very sensitive spot. The screams of the crazed girls faded into the distance as he continued his actions. He slowly broke the kiss and looked at the face of the girl still penned to the wall. He watched in amusement as her eyes fluttered open and he gazed into lilac eyes. He tried to step back, but found it difficult with her leg and arms still wrapped around him and his right hand somehow found its way to her butt and his left was cupping her right breast. Slowly Kagome’s leg slid down and returned to the ground. At the same time her arms slipped over his chest and hung limply at her sides. Inuyasha in turn released his hold on her bottom and breast.

Kagome watched as the boy walked away and took off his disguise. She knew that he had just used her, but she didn’t care. She bent down and picked up her bag and headed to her class.


“Yura, we need to talk.” Sesshomaru stated as he pulled her over to the side.

“What about, Sesshie-boo?” he swallowed the bile that threatened to make an interesting design on the school’s marble floor. That nickname always made him sick.

“You no longer have the status of being my girlfriend.” His voice held no emotion and his eyes stared coldly at the barely dressed female.

“B..but why?” Her voice became high in pitch as tears spilled from her eyes as if someone had flicked the ‘On’ switch. ‘Damn.’ “Sesshie-boo, you don’t mean that do you?” Yura cried desperately, hoping that the loving nickname would change his mind. It had the opposite effect.

“You are dismissed Yura Kanzashi.” His words forced their way through like large icicles that fall off the roof and penetrate your head, leaving behind a bloody mess. Yura covered her face with her hands and turned to run down the hall, but her platform heels were too high and she fell. All the occupants in the hallway got a good view of her Teletubbie underwear and the school newspaper photographer quickly snapped a picture. Yura’s mascara-streaked face turned to look up at Sesshomaru and she glared. If it wasn’t for the amusing position she was in the glare might have struck a chord. Yura quickly took off her shoes and returned to her retreat. There was a loud cheer and then the stampede started.

Kagome was headed to class when a loud cheer was heard along with the unmistakable sound of pounding feet. She decided to ignore the noise and kept going. She turned the corner and bumped into something hard. The next thing she knew she was on the ground with a heavy weight on top of her. Her eyes took in the silver hair and immediately thought about the boy who had kissed her earlier. Then she saw the white polo shirt and blue jean jacket. Another silver-haired guy came to mind and she remembered who drove her to school that morning. Golden eyes met lilac and time froze. The emotions in his eyes were to be expected: shock, disgust, and relief. Yep, nothing too special. Wait! Rewind what was in his eyes? Relief? What the hell?!! Kagome found herself being hauled to a standing position and dragged down the marble hallway. Silver hair flowing in and out of her vision. It smelled of… Fruity Pebbles?

She was suddenly jerked into a nearby classroom and she felt hands grip her hoodie and pull it up, over her head. The sound of cloth slipping over cloth reached her ears and she finally looked at the man in the room with her. She watched as the silver-haired man put on her hoodie and then put his jacket on her. He flipped the hood over his silver hair and then dragged her back into the hallway. For the second time that day she was pinned to a wall with another unidentified male’s body incredibly close to her own.

Sesshomaru leaned his head down to her ear where he began to nip affectionately at her lobe. She took the hint and giggled as if he was whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Her small hands brushed past his baggy jeans in search of his much larger hands. He wrapped his big hands over hers and began kissing down her neck. ‘How can I be used in the same way twice in one day?’ Her thoughts swam with the same sentence as the stampede passed them by. As soon as they were gone Sesshomaru stepped away from the girl and took off her hoodie. She quickly took off his jacket and put on her hoodie. She tossed his jacket back at him and walked away. Sesshomaru was impressed to say the least. He had just used this girl and she just walks away without a word.

Chapter 2


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